Natural Perfumery Online Courses

Embark upon the world of Natural Perfumery with great sensitivity, emotion and advanced techniques. Learn from experts and forerunners of natural perfumery in Brazil!

From creativity to technique: our courses are the only online ones on natural perfumery with advanced creation techniques and specific subjects of chemistry and safety in the composition of perfumes to ensure the high quality and safety of the perfumes

Who you will learn from

Noara Zanella

Chemical engineer graduated from the Federal University of Paraná with a MBA in cosmetology, and specialist in natural cosmetology. Also a teacher in the courses, and shares her knowledge to ensure the high quality and safety of the perfumes.

Angélica Flores

Perfumer and specialist in natural perfumery, trained in different places in France: Paris, Grasse (world capital of perfumery) and Candes Saint-Martin. Founder of Angélica Flores Natural Perfumery.