We create an unique natural fragrance to signify your brand and products, and make them memorable.

Creation of Unique Fragrances

What if you had an irreplicable perfume that represented your brand and your products? Through our work, we make the image of a company stronger and more memorable, introducing a carefully elaborated fragrance which shall tell a story that impacts and inspires consumers.

The creation of natural fragrances applies to cosmetics and well-being products, perfumery and commercial segments like clothing and jewelry.

Olfactory Identity for Companies

We create the olfactory identity of a company through the specific signature for the brand or for its product. This olfactory signature will be capable of creating experiences that positively stimulate the memory of the clients and improve the image of the company, which excels even more in the market.

Benefits of Olfactory Identity

Your brand or your products will acquire unique natural formulas that carry authenticity and captivation.

Your brand will become more attractive and create an individual and special experience for your clients.

Rare Natural Raw Materials

Each natural fragrance that we create is a unique work of art! The compositions of the fragrances that we develop are made with natural ingredients, such as: rare flowers, seeds, woods, spices and herbs, among other gifts of nature: our precious and inexhaustible source of beauty, aromas, colors, rare jewelry and a lot of inspiration.

High Safety and Quality in the compositions

A perfume created with natural elements does not necessarily mean that it’s safe to wear. Therefore, in the creation and development of natural fragrances at Angélica Flores Natural Perfumery we work with chemical engineering professionals specialized in cosmetology that orient, evaluate and guarantee complete safety and outstanding quality in each fragrance created.

Who is Olfactory Signature to?

The service of creating olfactory signatures is available to companies of different areas, such as:

  • Skin care, Hair and natural cosmetic Companies

  • Natural soap companies

  • Perfume brands

  • Well-being, self-care and aromatherapy companies